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Aboutthe Program of Process Equipment & Control Engineering
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      The program of Process Equipment & Control Engineering of Jiangnan University developed from the program of Food Mechanism of Wuxi College of Light Industry, which further originated from that of Nanjing Institute of Technology, the only one of its kind nationwide first established in 1955. In 1958, the program of Food Mechanism of Nanjing Institute of Technology was relocated to Wuxi and formed the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Wuxi College of Light Industry to begin its first term of fostering undergraduates specialized in Food Mechanism. In 1983, the graduate program of “LightIndustry Machinery" was set up, followed by the establishment of the program of Process Equipment and Control Engineering in 1999 for the purpose of adjusting to the restructured undergraduate programs issued by the Ministry of Education.

      The program of Process Equipment & Control Engineering is an interdisciplinary program featuring process equipment design and production with process theory and control technology as its two supporting research orientations and it is aimed at traininghigh-level engineers and technicians of all-round development in morality, intelligence and physique who will have a solid foundation in the basic knowledge of Mechanics.Electronics in Electrical Engineering, Principle of Process and Computation. Heat and Mass Transfer, Equipment Control Technology as well as Engineering Project Management and can be competent for posts of engineering project design,technological development, manufacturing, operation management and scientificresearch as well in such fields as Mechanical Engineering, Light Industry and Food Engineering, Petrochemical Industry, Bio-pharmaceutical Technology, Refrigeration, Environmental Protection as well as Mechanical Product Quality Technology and Safety Administration.

      We are carrying forward the education tradition and advantages of more than fifty years long in the orientation of Food Mechanism and meanwhile enhancing our disciplinary basis to shape a sound teaching system of Process Equipment and Control Engineering with distinctive characteristics of lightchemical industry so as to train high-level practical professionals of versatile skills on the basis of our university's over all strengths in light industry and food industry and in accordance with the latest developments in food and agricultural product processing machines. We are also dedicated to expanding our research domains and services into fields like chemical engineering process mechanism, refrigeration and air-conditioning apart from working on food engineering process mechanism, agricultural product processing machinery and light chemical industry equipment and the training of professionals in such fields.

      Jiangnan University has cultivated a multitude of graduates and postgraduates specialized in Food Mechanism and Light Industry Machinery with distinctive disciplinaryfeatures, increasing social recognition and a high rate of employment (mainly working insuch reputable enterprises as Tsingtao, York, Buhler, Muyang, Giant, Haier, etc. or theirsubsidiaries within the Yangtze River Delta), especially after the establishment of theprogram of Process Equipment and Control Engineering.