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About the Program of​ Mechanical Design and Manufacturing
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    The program of Mechanical  Design  and  Manufacturing of Jiangnan University has developed on the basis of the program of Food Mechanics since its establishment in 1958. In 1977, the program of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing was set up while since 1986 master candidates has been enrolled majoring in Mechanical Design and Theory. In 2001, School of Mechanical Engineering of Wuxi University of Light Industry and Department of Mechanical engineering of Jiangnan College were consolidated into School of Mechanical Engineering of Jiangnan University and students were all enrolled under the unified program of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, which covers four research orientations, namely, Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical electronic Engineering as well as Material Shaping and Mold Technology. It has been built into a complete disciplinary system including one doctoral program in Light Industry Technology and Engineering, one master’s program in general Mechanical Engineering covering three specific matersprograms (namely, the program of Mechano-electronic Engineering, Mechanical Designand, Theory and Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation) and another program of Master of Industrial Engineering.

      The program highlights the development of students' innovative competence, sticks to the coordinated development of expertise, ability and quality and attaches great importance to the improvement of students' qualities in both humanities and sciences and their practical abilities of application, all with a view to fostering high-quality andinnovative engineering professionals for design and manufacturing, electromechanical control, product development and operation management in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Automation through the integration of general education and professional education, the construction of the basic disciplinary curricula centering onmechanical design, mechanical manufacturing and electromechanical control and the combination of both theoretical education and field practices in engineering.

      Equipped with a complete pedagogical system of practice, the program emphasizes on the enhancement of students' practical abilities in engineering and aims to develop their abilities in innovative practices and "getting things done" through reforming comprehensive experiment courses to enhance the openness of laboratories, improving the teaching of methods of scientific thinking and enhancing the training of students for scientific research. Meanwhile, students are encouraged to take participation in various program-related contests concerning innovative design and advanced manufacturingand scientific and artistic activities as well as activities organized by the student clubs and societies to improve their ability and quality in an all-round manner.

      Graduates of our program, who are of wide applicability, great flexibility and a high rate of employment are qualified for jobs in various sectors of the national economy, such as mechanical engineering, auto manufacturing, light industry, aerospace industries,Power generation, electronic information technology, etc. and well-received by their employers for their competitive advantages. Many of them have become famous entrepreneurs, backbones in universities and research institutes and senior supervisors and CEOs of world-renowned companies and groups in mechanical engineering and related fields. For those who are determined to pursue further studies, they can either apply for the master programs related to mechanical engineering directly or for those neighboring fields such materials, computer sciences, industrial engineering and so on.